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New Year Guiding Principles

Sunrise over San Agustinillo , Oaxaca, Mexico

Sunrise over San Agustinillo , Oaxaca, Mexico

As the new year opened up, I found myself hungry…for understanding, for solid ground, for guidance. Looking on the opportunities that lay before me in 2014, I had a need to connect to my values, to what’s important to me. I jotted down many thoughts and ideas as they came to me during my quiet introspective time. I created a set of principles that feel like the right guideposts for me as I stretch into the wonderful possibilities that my relationships, my work, and my life offer to me.

  • I start each day with gratitude for my blessings.
  • I set clear intentions that provide direction for my life.
  • I consciously choose how I view and experience the world around me.
  • I stretch and grow, discovering new things about myself, others, and this amazing world.
  • I accept and celebrate ‘what is’ without judgment or attachment.
  • I open to opportunity and possibility.
  • I access joy in every moment.
  • I attend to my breath when I need peace and contentment.
  • I allow my life to flow from a place of love.
  • I go slow, with attention and focus – I don’t live too fast. 
  • I am graceful, courageous, hopeful.
  • I value relationships and treat every interaction as as a gift. 
  • I meet resistance with curiosity and free myself from struggle by letting go.
  • I act with integrity and seek alignment with my values.
  • I am a stand for health – I believe in enough sleep, a nutritious diet, exercise, rest and relaxation, meaningful work, and quiet introspective time every day.
  •  I believe in balance and wholeness. 
  • I can just BE, and everything will be OK.
  • I am brilliant, amazing, and worthy of living an abundantly delicious life.
  • I let my light radiate into the world. 
  • I seek balance and wholeness.

In search of wholeness


root chakra I found myself thumbing through my Chakra book (The Sevenfold Journey: Reclaiming Mind, Body & Spirit Through The Chakras by Anodea Judith and Selene Vega) today during my early morning inspiration time. I started using the book in December 2007 when I  joined my Chakra Group (which includes 4 other beautiful and inspiring women that gather monthly). In our early days we explored the chakras between our meetings and shared our experiences when we came together (now we are not quite as formalized about it).

chakra def

In the book I found a poem I had written about the first – or root or Muladhara – Chakra. It captures my experience of being grounded – of what it’s like when energy is flowing freely through me. Here’s part of the poem:

Muladhara – 12/13, 20007

I am whole:
 bright and powerful as fire,
 flowing and graceful as water,
 light and open as air,
 energizing and inspiring as sound,
 clear and guiding as light,
 creative and wise as thought.

As I explored the Chakras with them, I found myself writing poetry. I see now how this beautiful group of women were a heart-opening pathway. I didn’t know it then, but back then I was tuning up for my heart singing out loud!