Finding My Way

by Vicki Flaherty, Sagres (Algarve) Portugal

by Vicki Flaherty, Sagres (Algarve) Portugal

In the roller-coaster of emotions yesterday (see Mammo), I found myself writing…in that cathartic place of moving my emotions from my heart into my head and shaping them like clouds, their texture and meaning evolving, until they are tamed on the page.

Finding My Way
By Vicki L. Flaherty

How do I respond to the lone tree in the field
whose branches are outstretched with uncertainty

Shall I walk up to it and wrap my arms around it
with a grip that gives it no choice but to melt

Can I step into the gentle stream we create
floating in the soothing, clear water

Will I move with the grace of the river
carried to a place of peace

Will my eyes follow the direction of the light
where hope opens like a flower

Can I fill my sails with trust
and move moment by moment to find my way

© 2013 Vicki L. Flaherty

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