A gift of peace



Yesterday, a fellow survivor friend asked me if I would write a poem for a survivor friend of hers who has Stage IV breast cancer that had been in remission and is now getting out of control. I have never been asked to write a poem as a gift to someone I didn’t know before.  Sure, I’ve written poems as gifts – to my husband, to my parents, to my friends.  And, this past summer when a survivor friend asked me, I wrote a poem ‘on-demand’ for the Johnson County Relay for Life: Into the Light. It was a tribute to caregivers so I still had people in mind that I know when I wrote it.  Writing a poem for someone I have never met…well, until today I could say I’ve never done that.

Finding Peace
By Vicki L. Flaherty

Notice your breath…
Tune into your breathing.
Feel the life force moving through you, nourishing your spirit.
Sense the air in constant movement, an ever-available offering of strength.

Close your eyes…
Let them feel tired and heavy.
Rest in the darkness and connect with the spaciousness.
See the colors and textures of calm dance before you.

Move to a comfortable position…
Feel the earth supporting you and find your center.
Remove the armor that you put on to protect you.
Let your limbs float softly like clouds in the sky.

Relax your body…
Gently caress your stress and invite the tight spots to soften.
Feel the sensations as the tension melts away.
Experience the lightness as it pours over your every cell.

Cleanse your mind…
Let go of each thought as it arises.
Let the fear float freely up and away.
Welcome grace, hope and joy to fill the open space.

Hear the silence…
Listen for it just below the noise.
Feel the quiet as it holds you tenderly in its arms.
Welcome in the abundant peace that is here for you.

Tune into the energy around you…
The love inside you engages in a sacred dance.
Shine the light that emanates from you out into the world.
Your beautiful presence shimmers brilliantly in the stillness.

© copyright Vicki L. Flaherty, Mostly My Heart Sings, 2013



About Vicki L Flaherty

I am most alive when I am creating, whether through my writing, gardening, photography, or my work. Running and yoga enrich my being. I am happiest when I’m with my husband Jim. Travel opens me to new possibilities and greater awareness. I find a special joy in helping people succeed. I’ve done something valuable when I’ve helped a colleague or friend see their brilliance and express their full potential. I have awesome opportunities to do this as an industrial/organizational psychologist through leadership, mentoring, coaching, career and other talent programs. As I've focused on living more mindfully, I've found special joy in expressing myself through poetry and photography, and in truly being in relationship with those I meet along my journey.

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  1. Beautiful, Vicki! Like a guided meditation, I want to spend a moment with each line and let the power of your words envelop me. I love you, and am so excited about your step into the blogging world as a means to share your grace and wisdom, to reach farther than wider with your love and strength.

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  4. Beautiful, Vicki. I’m sharing with my husband as we’ve had two deaths in the family within 16 days of each other. A very trying time, but this gift of peace will be uplifting.

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